Group Travel with MMTandT!

One of the fastest growing areas of how we can serve you is in group travel! If you are a family wanting to go to Disney or on a cruise together, we can make that happen! Maybe you are like a recent group of friends that travelled to Italy and just needed help coordinating things. We can help with that too! Group travel can be complicated. We recently had a family of 23 travel to Disney and we took care of everything! Getting dining reservations for that many people is tough, but we took care of every detail for them so all they had to do was show up and enjoy their vacation!

There is another type of group travel that I want to talk about today though, and that is school or large group travel. My (Kris) wife is an educator so I know how busy they are! Most do not have time to research bus companies, hotels, ticket options, etc… and contract with those companies. At Magical Memories, we help all kinds of student groups have the best trip possible, while making it easy on the group leaders. We have trusted providers all over the country that have been vetted to make sure you only get the best experience with your group.

What makes traveling us the best though is not just the service we give, but the price we are able to offer it to you! Our trips to Disney for 2020 are topping out around $940 with some coming in under $900!!! For perspective, one of our competitors charged a group almost $1200 per person…back in 2016! We don’t take shortcuts or use subpar suppliers to deliver at that price. We just believe that student travel should be possible for everyone and we want to make sure EVERY student has the opportunity to join their group on these special trips.

So are you involved with a band or choir or some other school group? You could be a teacher, booster, or parent with a student in the group! If so, let your group leader know about Magical Memories Tours and Travel. And if you’re wondering, well who have they worked with, you can know we work with some of the best! Our clients include Christian Academy of Louisville, Anderson County High School, Collins High School, Shelby County High School, Owensboro Catholic High School, Spencer County High School, Crosby Middle School and more!!! So let us plan your next group trip for you and your students and see what a difference traveling with Magical Memories can make!

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